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How Is a Matched Bet Calculated?

The matched betting calculator gives you the ability to determine what your exact lay stake should be, your liability and your profit. Enter the odds and the stake to back.

Il will help you determine your potential profit by helping you understand how much you should stake to back and to lay in order to maximise your winnings.

Here are the step to follow in order to use it :

  1. Select your bet type
  2. Enter your Back stake
  3. Enter the odds, and any commission required
  4. Enter your Lay odds, and the commission required
  5. The Lay stake you need to place will then be displayed

You will then see how much profit you could make if your Back bet wins and if your Lay bet wins. You can then decide whether to go ahead and place such a bet on one of our recommended betting sites !

Our Matched Bet explained article provides a comprehensive guide

How does a bet calculator work?

A matched bet calculator is very simple to use. If you know how to matched bet, you can read about using this calculator right here in our article.

On which sports can I place a matched bet?

You can place your matched bet on a variety of sports. However, the most popular sport for this betting type is horse racing.

Which bookmakers offer this type of bet?

Lots of reputable bookmakers offer this bet type. You can find our reviews of some of these bookies right here on our website, so make sure you have a look.