“All we ask for is to reschedule and for a medical assessment of Whyte… none of that has been respected”

Dmitriy Salita: “It goes against Otto Wallin’s basic human rights – boxing is the wild west, we need an independent medical council in the sport”

“There have been so many red flags along the way prior to him pulling him out, comments about going straight into a Tyson Fury fight. It’s really unfair to Otto and to the sport of boxing. It’s terrible and it infringes on Otto’s basic human rights, on an athlete’s human rights. People wonder why more mainstream television doesn’t show boxing, why more fans don’t watch boxing.

“It’s because boxing is the wild, wild west that allows things like this to happen. We need to regulate ourselves in a constructive way. We need an independent medical council who can objectively give an opinion on what the situation is.

“I can see that team Whyte have changed the narrative, talking about a Tyson Fury fight, but Otto has not been done right. At this level a fighter’s career is finite, there are only so many camps a fighter can put himself through, so many rounds he can spar.

Dmitriy Salita: “It is completely unsportsmanlike, disrespectful and selfish of Dillian Whyte – it does not speak well of him”

“It is completely unsportsmanlike and selfish. Otto Wallin put in weeks and months of training and money into this camp. His bags were packed and he was on the way to the airport when we got the call to say it’s been cancelled, so it is unsportsmanlike for Dillian Whyte to say these disrespectful things.

“Don’t forget there are question marks over Dillian Whyte and a failed drug test, so that does not speak well of him to be quite honest. I know people can change, but for him to be so disrespectful and disregard the situation in such a way, it says a lot.”

Dmitriy Salita: “All I ask for is a reschedule and a medical assessment of Dillian – none of that has been respected so far”

“All I ask for is a: reschedule the fight and b: a medical assessment to see how long Dillian Whyte is going to be out for. None of that has been respected so far. I hope the WBC makes things right and sets the right precedent. Are we the wild west or are we an organised sport? I’m hopeful that we can get this rescheduled, but reading between the lines I’m not so sure.

“For sure it would be decent of Eddie to offer Wallin a decent and legitimate opportunity if it’s not rescheduled, that would be appropriate and the right thing to do. At the very least it would be right to give Otto an opportunity for a decent purse. It would be very interesting if we were offered the winner or Tyson Fury versus Whyte if that is made.”

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