Matchroom have announced this week that heavyweight Dillian Whyte will return against an unnamed opponent on October 30th.

American heavyweight Jermaine Franklin is the favourite to be that man to face off against Whyte.

Here, he taunts his British counterpart and calls on Whyte to sign the contract – and says once he beats Whyte, he wants to face off against Anthony Joshua.

Jermaine Franklin calls on ‘scared’ Dillian Whyte to sign the contract, vows to put him to ‘sleep’

“Well I’ve signed the bout agreement on my end. I’m ready. It’s time for a United States fighter to show the world that we still have the best fighters on the planet. Plus Dillian Whyte is a joke.”

“He talks a good game but he needs to fight someone that is hungry, faster and younger than him.  ‘Betty’ Whyte is scared of me and he should be.”

“I hope he will sign his end, but he is acting like a spoiled, has-been fighter. In fact, I’ve got a crayon for him to sign with. He probably needs a crayon so I will bring extras just in case he breaks one.” 

“If I’m a bum, like he said I am, then prove it. Everyone keeps thinking I’m a step-over fighter and they don’t realise that I’m ready to show the world that the United States have the best heavyweights and I am the best in that category.”  

“I just want the chance to show it to the world and shut up the haters. I think Dillian is worried and scared about fighting me because he knows I’m not a bum. Plus I’m a good fighter. I’m no pushover. I have fought some good fighters to get to this point. In boxing you learn from every win and loss. I plan on learning from my wins for a long time.”

“I will show him the best of Jermaine Franklin. The world hasn’t seen that just yet. I will use my jab a lot more than before and focus on the body. I’m going to bring a pillow for him so when he hits the canvas he can go right to sleep.”

“After I beat Dillian, I would then be ready to fight Joshua. He has a lot of weaknesses and Andy Ruiz showed them for all to see. Plus, like any fighter all it takes is one punch. Remember the boxing world hasn’t seen my best yet.”

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