Team Usyk drop hint that ‘historical’ undisputed showdown could be next for Tyson Fury… predicts ‘chess match’.

Sergey Lapin, Usyk’s assistant coach:

“In the near future we will find out the date of the Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua rematch. But maybe we’ll find out something else interesting…

”Why not assume such an option as Fury-Usyk? It would be very interesting for boxing fans, a historical event.

“If you remember a year ago, fans were waiting for a fight for the undisputed world champion in the heavyweight division between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua – but literally in a moment, everything changed.

“At this stage, I think everything is possible, everything is constantly changing. The battle for undisputed champion in the heavyweight division is a very cool event that has not been held for more than 20 years.

“If this fight between my fighter Usyk and Tyson Fury took place, it would really be a confrontation between two guys with high boxing IQ. It seems to me the fight would be more like a chess game, and victory will be in the hands of the one who will perform his task as productively as possible.

“To date, there is no exact information about this fight, but recently I noticed that there is a lot of talk about it. Perhaps we will find out something interesting very soon.

“Maybe it’s the UK and maybe it’s Saudi Arabia.”

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