As this season’s ECL unfolds, we’re waiting in anticipation for how the tournament will develop. While fans are getting excited, punters are eager to grab the best Champions League betting odds from top bookies.

In this article, we touch upon ante-post betting on the outright winners before moving to options like who will be the top scorer and which teams will make the knockout stages. We’ll also speculate about the Champions League 20/21 season champions, so let’s get started.

Champions League Betting Odds: Outright Winner

Ante-post betting (similar to futures) is when you predict an outcome a day or more before the event focusing on a longer-term result. Ante-post odds are exciting for bettors for a few reasons.

First of all, the odds fluctuate as the picture changes. They can change based on match outcomes, performance quality, injuries, yellow card counts and many other factors. Usually, the farther the betting day from the event start date, the higher the odds. This is because the chance of correctly predicting the outcome is lower.

Suppose you enjoy the thrill of the long game and riskier betting strategies. In that case, you’ll be having the time of your life while betting on the Champions League outright odds, for example.

Champions League betting odds for outright predictions come out long before the two final teams have been confirmed. Betting way before the competition starts is less common in other types of bets, but you can still find odds for match winners and others. It’s also possible to wager just before the competition starts, as well as once the UCL is fully underway. 

Our up-to-date ante-post Champions League odds table is an excellent source for predicting, comparing and making decisions about which team to back.

Champions League Odds: Qualifying, Top Scorer 

Ante-post Champions League odds for the outright winners is one of the most interesting areas for casual bettors and fans alike. However, it’s also a broad wagering category that contains more specific markets than just the eventual champions. Some of the most popular ante-post markets include:

  • Team to qualify – includes placing wagers on a team that, according to your predictions, will make it into the knockout rounds.
  • Favourite/Handicap betting – betting on the team that has a clear Champions League favourites odds advantage (opposite, in case of handicap betting).
  • Team to win – this odds type is straightforward: pick the team that’ll win a given fixture.
  • Nationality of the winning team – guessing the country of the eventual champions, without naming the exact one.
  • Top goalscorer – Champions League top scorer odds usually contain player names that are likely to score the most goals during the competition.

Champions League Qualifying Odds

While fans and punters are getting hyped about the finals and placing ante-post bets on Champions League winner odds, there’s something else to follow: the group stages. Here, the eventual Champions League winner will first have to survive a battle between four teams.

This year’s groups offer thrills, excitement and insane amounts of talent. For example, in Group G, Leo Messi’s Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus will face each other once again. 

Speaking of Ronaldo, two of his ex-clubs are also in exciting positions. Real Madrid will battle with Inter, Shakhtar and Borussia Mönchengladbach in group B. At the same time, Manchester United will try to survive the group of death, Group H, which also includes RB Leipzig and last year’s finalists Paris Saint Germain. 

Bayern and Atletico will likely dominate Group A, and Chelsea and Sevilla are clear favourites in Group E. Robbed of their star talent, Ajax will try to upset Liverpool or Atalanta in Group D. Overall, it’s shaping up to be four impressive months of football.

You’ll find Champions League odds for group winners and qualifying teams in our table below. 

Top Scorer Odds For Champions League

Another player-favourite Champions League odds market is the Champions League top scorer odds. This category is quite knowledge-heavy, and a casual bettor can only guess which of the top strikers will get the title. To make accurate predictions, you need to take into account everything from a particular player’s track record to his current form and age.

Of course, the more games a team plays the more opportunities the strikers have for scoring. That’s why this category depends on our prediction of which club will do their manager and fans proud this time around. 

Let’s take the safe route and assume excellent runs for Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Club stars, Robert Lewandowski and Sergio Aguero will have another shot at the title. While talking about legends, let’s not forget that Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are sharing a group this year, and their rivalry seems to drive them to unimaginable heights. 

Champions League top scorer odds also include some brilliant young players like Kylian Mbappe, assuming the Parisian club keeps the pace. Last but not least, Dortmund’s Erling Haaland, the most exciting young striker in years, has to be a potential candidate for the top scorer crown. 

No matter what Champions League winner odds imply, with so much talent involved, fans are the real outright winners. Punters, however, should search for their favourites in the top scorer comparative table we put together.

Champions League Betting Odds: Favourites And Outsiders

Champions League outright odds are relatively similar across bookmakers for now. As the competition unwraps, we might see Champions League favourites odds – and subsequently, top goalscorers and the whole playground – fluctuate quite a bit.

While we’re following the qualifying games, Champions League odds are still in favour of a few picks. We also describe some dark horses and their likely journeys here. Let’s start speculating!


Bayern Munich

After the superb season Bayern had last year it’s easy to imagine the Champions league trophy returning to Munich this year. As a reminder, Bayern won the Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal and every single match of the 19/20 Champions League. The winning streak extended to the UCL final against PSG (more on this later). 

Furthermore, the Bavarians didn’t waste the summer. The team added Manchester City’s Leroy Sane to their attack, which already included Thomas Muller, Douglas Costa, Serge Gnabry and Robert Levandowski firing on all cylinders. It would be a clear run for Hansi Flick’s side if not for our next entry.

Manchester City

This has to be the year Pep Guardiola and his boys get their hands on the Champion’s League title, doesn’t it? We seem to predict this every other year. 

It’s tough to pinpoint the exact reason why a team that includes Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Aguero and Bernardo Silva can’t go past the quarter-finals. The addition of Ferran Torres could help the “citizens” walk the extra mile.


Last time a French team took the Champions League home was during the 92/93 season when Marseille beat Milan 1-0 in Munich. Last season, almost 30 years later another French club Paris Saint Germain came close to winning, but Bayern were too good.

Still, the French giants are a talented side with one of the best front lines in Europe with Neymar, Mbappe and newcomer Mauro Icardi. Maybe this year they can make it all the way. 


Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund are a fascinating team. They find the best youngsters from all over the world and make them better. These kids aren’t sticking around for too long, but while they do, they’re a joy to watch.

This time, they have two of the most exciting and sought-after forwards in Europe. Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland are hot property. If these two can keep their fiery form throughout the season, Dortmund have a real shot at Champions League glory.


Juventus have been on the wrong side of the scoresheet in five Champions League finals since their last win in 95/96 season. They overcame Ajax in Rome thanks to a penalty shootout win. Last time they reached the cup final, they were denied by Real Madrid in 2017. 

Since then, Cristiano Ronaldo switched sides, and we all thought he would take his Champions League winner luck with him to Turin. Three years later, we’re still waiting. 

Under club legend Andrea Pirlo, Ronaldo, Dybala and co. might get the coveted cup this season. 


If the Champions League were a contest for the best transfer window, Frank Lampard’s Chelsea would get it by default. 

This summer saw “the blues” add Kai Havertz, Timo Verner and Ben Chilwell to an already strong side that includes Christian Pulisic, N’golo Kante and others. 

This is an incredibly exciting team, full of young, ambitious players, and managed by a club legend. If someone can beat the odds, it might be them. 

Champions League Best Odds And Welcome Bonuses

If you happen to be here, finding top Champions League betting odds shouldn’t be a problem. Our team of experts have worked hard to compile and present to you our crown jewel, the football betting comparative table. You’ll be able to review the best bookmakers and put together an excellent betting strategy for Champions League outright odds and all other types.

No matter if you’re a handicap betting enthusiast or like reviewing Champions League favourites odds, our table is a powerful tool. 

Top betting sites also offer unique welcome bonuses and compete on odds during the league. We recommend you keep your eyes peeled because the odds might change as the competition unfolds.

FAQ Champions League Betting Odds 2020

What types of odds do bookies offer during the Champions League?

A usual Champions League odds profile includes outright winner odds and Champions League top scorer odds. Depending on where you are on the competition timeline, odds for qualifying teams and group winners might also be of current interest.

Usually, Champions League favourites odds will set the likely winners far apart from the rest of the list in any of the mentioned categories.

How to access the odds section and make a bet?

First of all, we recommend you pick a bookie from our best football betting sites list and sign up. Upon accessing your profile, you’ll have a few steps to go through:

  • Select the sport – in our case, football
  • Go to Champions League odds section
  • Pick the market – suppose you want to bet on top goalscorer
  • Choose the line – say, Messi vs Ronaldo
  • Upon clicking, most sites will open up a bet slip, which will let you add the wager amount
  • Once you finish picking all the lines you want and setting up the bet slip, click “Bet now” to finalise the wager

How do live betting odds work? Will it be possible during the Champions League?

Most bookies offer in-play wagering for large-scale events like the Champions League. Live betting works like odds usually do, but with a crucial difference: they are quite volatile. Here, you might have to test your ability to make quick situational decisions, combined with prior knowledge-base.

Some bookmakers stream the game, but elsewhere you’ll have to follow its live animation. If watching is crucial for you, use bookie reviews to find out which one has live streaming.

When are the odds the highest for the Champions League outright? When for top goalscorer?

In both cases, Champions League betting odds are higher before the season starts.

What kind of special offers will be available during the event?

Odds boost (enhanced odds), free bets and team-related prop offers are the most common types of special bookie treats during UCL playoffs.