When it comes to the footballing calendar, the UEFA Euro tournament has to be one of the most significant events, coming in a close second to the World Cup. The competition occurs every four years, with the first finals taking place in 1960.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the 2020 Euro championship has been postponed from March 2020. It now starts on the 11th of June 2021, with the finals held on the 11th of July.

We look at the best Euro 2020 betting and top scorer odds and what to look for in a sportsbook. For more specific Euro 2020 Betting Offers you can see what our team of experts have selected.

Euro 2020 Betting Odds: Outright Winner

As you can imagine, the main betting odds are based on the outright winners of the competition. By placing an ante-post bet, you’re making a prediction before the contenders have made it to that final game.

The early bird catches the worm as they say, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to betting. The sooner you place your bet for an outright winner, the better the odds are. Select which team you think will win the final, held on the 11th of July 2021, and watch as your prediction becomes a reality.

There are plenty more exciting betting markets offered by bookies that can get confusing if you’re new to the sport. Below there’s a detailed explanation of the most popular betting types and what they entail.

Euro 2020 Odds: Qualifying & Top Scorer

Bookmakers mainly focus on popular betting opportunities, with the occasional bookie also featuring a few specialist odds. You’ll discover a host of options to suit any fan’s desires, from top goalscorer odds, final qualifiers, best tournament player, and many more.

Don’t think that you need to know which team lifts the trophy to win. You can return a tidy profit without ever looking at the main competition winners.

Euro 2020 Knockout Round Qualification Odds

There are already knockout round qualification odds at major sportsbooks listing all nations taking part in Euro 2020. In addition, these odds are especially useful when added into an accumulator bet or Acca for short.

When it comes to knockout round qualification bets, your main aim is to choose a side that you believe will finish first or second in their group, or third with the highest points. For instance, you decide to back the Netherlands in Group C. If the Dutch team finishes at the top of their group or runners up, your bet is successful.

The more unlikely the team has of qualifying for the final rounds, the higher the betting odds. Take Austria, also in Group C, as an example. You’ll receive a higher payout if you’re correct because they have fallen short in previous competitions. This is in comparison to the Netherlands who have performed well throughout the history of the tournament.

Either spread your chances across all groups with an accumulator bet or concentrate on the most valuable odds. For the current Euro 2020 competition, Group B features some of the more exciting betting options. The group comprises Russia, Denmark, Belgium, and Finland. Each team has impressed experts so far and are evenly matched. This creates uncertainty around who will come out on top.

Top Scorer Odds for Euro 2020

If you don’t mind a long wait, the competition’s top scorer always attracts some exciting odds. The bet’s premise is to identify which player you think will score the most goals throughout the entire tournament.

Usually, bookies’ odds for the top goalscorer are more generous than others. Do you back one of the more prominent strikers or an attacking midfielder? It’s hard to say, but whichever you choose, make sure you do a bit of homework before putting your money where your mouth is.

You’ll see the usual big names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, and Romelu Lukaku on the Euro 2020 top goal scorer list. Because of their track record, the odds aren’t too favourable compared to new young players that need to prove themselves still. Keep your eyes out for stars such as Raheem Sterling and Eden Hazard, who possess the ability to be the top goalscorer and offer higher odds than the leading contenders.

Once you’ve found a sportsbook with this betting type available, browse through the names and the odds attached to them. Once you’ve found an option that appeals most to you, simply click the bet and place your wager. Odds continuously change as time passes and new events take place. That’s why the sooner you bet, the more money you stand a chance of making as the odds on offer are higher.

Euro 2020 Betting Odds: Favourites and Outsiders

The outright odds at the Euro 2020 are generally pinned to the teams with the best track record in the competition. The tournament is renowned for upsets and surprises, and so there’s no such thing as a sure bet. Most experienced punters choose to spread their bets as opposed to concentrating on a specific team. In other words, they choose a favourite as well as an outsider.

We look at a few teams that show a lot of potential for the next exciting Euro 2020 Championship below. Keep in mind there are plenty of other teams capable of winning the tournament and this list is simply a start for your planning.


For some reason, England is always considered to be a favourite in football competitions. Perhaps it’s due to its rich history in the sport and its Premier League, which is arguably the top football league at club level.

For this Euro 2020 competition, the Three Lions have put together a young squad eager and ambitious to prove their skill. Although the side has youthful players known for scoring goals, it may lack the more mature leadership to keep a level head. They’ll need to concentrate on their defence and tighten it up to stand a chance of winning the tournament.

There’s also the added advantage knowing the final is to be held at Wembley, giving the players extra motivation to win the competition in their backyard. Plenty of hopes will rest on Harry Kane’s shoulders as England’s frontman and goal scorer.


With plenty of experience in the tournament, France will look to shake any doubt and show their true colours in this Euro Championship. The national squad is capable of matching the best teams out there if they are in the right mood, and they’re the current World Champions.

France will no doubt look to fix their weaknesses and come back strong since it lost in the last Euro finals, coming second to Portugal. There’s always a worry about the squad’s character and mindset due to internal disputes and disturbances. As a result, the strong side has fallen to weaker teams and disappointed many fans in the past.


Belgium are continuously considered a favourite for football competitions, especially in recent years. Some see this as a result of the squad’s impeccable skill of working together, while others feel it’s due to a large number of players gaining experience in the top club leagues around the world.

You may have heard similar notions given to a variety of teams in the past. Considering their results in the Euro 2020 qualifying stages for this year it’s easy to see why Belgium are seen as a favourite. They have won all ten games, scoring 40 goals in total. That’s an incredible four goals per game. While only conceding three goals so far and achieving a passing accuracy of 89%.

The Belgian national team couldn’t have wished for a better start, and you should definitely keep an eye on them for the Euro 2020 finals.


Like it or hate it, any football fan knows to never write of the Spanish national team. The pure dominance of major tournaments can be seen at club level and internationally. The Spanish league is home to two of the biggest club names in football today, and the national side has put together a squad capable of bringing home the trophy.

They didn’t lose a game in the qualifying rounds, winning eight and drawing two. The Spanish side have some sparkling performance stats, keeping to their now-famous playstyle. They’ve achieved a passing accuracy of 91% in all games and kept possession 70% of the time.

It’s been a decade since they won the World Cup, and since then, the Spanish haven’t exactly repeated their success. As a result, bookies have dropped the national squad down the list of favourites. This has led to a very profitable betting opportunity if they go on to win the tournament.


Plenty of eyes will watch the Italian squad for this year’s Euro competition. Decent doesn’t begin to describe their riveting performances in the qualifying stages. With ten wins in ten matches, it’s not hard to imagine Roberto Mancini’s squad lifting the trophy at the end.

They have scored 37 goals throughout the qualifying stages with a total of 205 attempts on goal. Passing accuracy currently sits at 90%, an excellent indication of the squad’s communication. Their aerial threat could improve with a cross-compilation percentage at 50%, but the Italians are famous for set plays.

Like Spain, Italy hasn’t received the shortest odds, making them a potential gold mine if you decide to put your faith in the skilful Italian side.

Euro 2020 Best Odds and Welcome Bonuses

Not only is it crucial to pick the right nation, but also to find the top odds. You should always use a selection of bookies to compare and find the most favourable odds for your specific bet.

Another aspect to consider is the sports bonuses and welcome promotions provided by bookmakers. These bonuses can boost your winnings by matching deposit amounts and awarding free bets. Make sure you pay attention to all wagering requirements to avoid any upsets.

FAQ Euro Betting Odds 2020

What types of odds are offered during Euro 2020?

Registered bookmakers offer odds on several betting markets, including the top goal scorer, outright competition winner, and more. Odds range in amount and depend heavily on favourites and underdogs. 

How to access to odds section and make a bet?

First, select the link to the odds table offered by your chosen bookmaker. Then, find the team you would like to back and then click on the odds. Usually, you’re directed to your betting slip where you can enter the amount you wish to stake. Finally, all you need to do is confirm your bet and then wait for results. 

How does live betting odds work? Will be possible during Euro 2020?

Live betting or in-play betting is when you place a wager on a match that is currently underway. The odds regularly update depending on what happens in the game. Although this type of betting can be very exciting, you may not get the best odds. 

When is the best moment (odds high) to bet on the Euro outright? When for top goalscorer?

The sooner you place your wager on any Euro 2020 betting markets, the better. Odds generally shorten the closer you get to the start of a particular game.

Which kind of special offers will be available during the event? Example: odds boost?

Special promotions for the tournament will vary depending on the bookmaker. Bonuses to look out for feature money back, odds boosts, free bets, promotions and more.