MyBettingSites caught up with Jake Paul’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor, who had some choice words for Tommy Fury ahead of his fight with Daniel Bocianski this weekend.

Tommy Fury never gives opponents time to prepare and should be fighting better boxers

“Tommy should be fighting higher calibre guys but he’s not. Tommy actually chooses guys and doesn’t give them a chance to train – look at his fight this month – he gives them no notice, and doesn’t allow them to prepare. Hey, you want to have the opportunity to fight at Wembley Stadium – well you have two weeks to prepare. You want a chance of a lifetime to fight on the undercard of Tyson Fury, come over but we’re only telling you now. Anyone who you see Tommy Fury fight has not had a full, two month training camp.”

‘Nobody’ Tommy Fury has blown chance to fight with Jake Paul

“Absolutely Tommy Fury has blown his chance with Jake Paul. Think about it – no-one is talking about that fight or Tommy. He’s on Tyson Fury’s undercard but no-one is talking about it, he’s not trending. Tommy’s name has died down since Jake stopped talking about him. No-one hears about Tommy Fury unless Tyson Fury says his name. He’ll always be known as Tyson Fury’s little brother. You might be the good looking one but you’ve lost your opportunity to fight Jake, simple.”

“Tommy has no power, no pop, no conditioning. He was just taller than me. If we were the same height it would have been a different story. Nothing special from him.”