Manchester United chiefs are happy with Solskjaer, they won’t sack him

“It’s quite obvious Man United are happy with Solskjaer. They’re allowing him to spend that amount of money bringing in [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Jadon] Sancho, [Raphael] Varane, surely they’re not sacking him two months into the season. They’ve backed him. He hasn’t won anything for three years, so normally if you’re a Man United manager and you haven’t won in that space of time, you’re not there anymore. But they obviously feel they’re happy with what he’s producing.”


Calls for Nuno Espirito Santo to be sacked are ridiculous

“It would be ridiculous to start sacking managers this early on, but it happens. Tottenham made the decision to appoint Nuno. He did brilliantly at Wolves, it didn’t work out for him last year and then he’s come to one of the biggest clubs in England. It’s a difficult job. When you’re Tottenham manager, you can’t lose three games on the spin without coming under scrutiny and pressure. He’s under pressure now to put it right as quickly as possible. Hopefully for his sake he can. To start suggesting Tottenham should change manager would be wrong, it’s far too soon for that, but we need to start seeing improvement and we need to start seeing some kind of method.”


Appointing Nuno was ‘strange’, but he’s the right man for the job

“He’s the right man because he’s been given the job. I thought it was a strange appointment, but I thought Jose Mourinho was a strange appointment. The only reason I say that is because I know what the Tottenham fans demand. They demand you’ve got to play on the front foot, you’ve got to go toe-to-toe and you’ve got to have an identity. If you’re going to get beaten heavily, get beaten heavily having a go.

“I’m not blaming Nuno. Nuno’s never been an open the game up, come at the opposition from all angles manager, he’s always been a very pragmatic, counter-attacking manager. So why should he change? It’s not Nuno’s fault, it’s the people who are giving him the job. If that’s what Tottenham demand, it’s not what this manager has delivered over the years. He’s got to do what he knows, I always believe that. He’s got to find the players to play within that system and try to get as many results as he can. I really believe Tottenham can still win a domestic trophy this season.”


I feel sorry for Harry Kane with the way Tottenham play

“It [must be] difficult for Harry, but he’s got to get on with it. There’s nothing he can do until January, if indeed anything may happen in January. I listen to a lot of Tottenham fans and they’re not feeling sorry for him, but I actually do. Not because he didn’t get his move, just solely on the way the team is playing.

“Lumping balls forward from 50 yards when he’s surrounded by Ben White and Gabriel, what chance does he have? He’s not got a magic wand out there. You’ve got to get Dele Alli in his favourite No.10 position, you’ve got to get [Heung-min] Son and Lucas Moura closer to him, give him some support. Harry knows he needs to do better, but the support act has to step up.”


Steve Bruce’s position at Newcastle is almost untenable

“Steve Bruce is always going to be under pressure, but not from the man who matters most, which is Mike Ashley because he did a brilliant job of keeping them in the league last year. The fans will always put Steve under pressure because they didn’t want him. It’s almost like an untenable job, but he knows that, and he’s got broad enough shoulders to deal with it. It’s a tough environment to manage under, but Steve just wants to carry on.

“Everyone forgets, he’s actually a Newcastle fan. He wants what’s best for them, but he doesn’t feel like he can give them the style they demand because of the players at his disposal. He just needs to do what he needs to do. Unfortunately the objective there is to stay in the league. The fans want that to be a lot higher. At the moment, just to stay in the Premier League is a massive feat for a lot of football clubs.”

Jack Grealish could be a superstar. The ChL against PSG is the biggest stage to prove himself.

“He rises to every occasion. From what I’ve witnessed, the bigger the game, the bigger he becomes. He’ll grasp it with both hands and he’ll be a real threat. He wants to prove himself on the world stage and the Champions League is the biggest footballing stage. All of Europe can’t wait to have a glimpse of Jack because he genuinely could be a superstar.

“Lionel Messi has obviously had his best years, but he’s still one of the best players to ever play the game. Jack could possibly upstage him, but he can’t do it on his own. We’ve seen Messi do it on his own for many, many years in that domestic league for Barcelona, but the Champions League is a bit different, you need help. It’s a tough game to call. You’re talking about genuine world class on both sides.”