Expect to get the full in-depth overview in our Puntt Review.

Puntt is a popular esports betting site that has caused quite a stir in recent times. Acting on a reduced sports schedule to attract new customers and build their business, we wanted to learn more about Puntt and find out how it could benefit our readers. 

In this impartial review of the esports betting service, we rate all important factors of the business, including the welcome bonus, how to register, the banking options available, customer service lines of enquiry and more. By the end of this article, you will understand how Puntt works and if the site appeals to you as a bettor.

Puntt Review of the Welcome bonus

Joining the party at a late stage means Puntt was always going to be playing catch up with the leading sites in the online betting industry. Being an esports betting platform, this brand is a bit different to the numerous sportsbooks out there, but their challenge is convincing people to bet on esports as a new way to gamble and convincing them to do it with Puntt. No mean feat.

The easiest way to make a splash in this industry, closing the gap that exists between the leading names and the new sites, is to give customers what they want – an excellent welcome bonus. Online betting is a competitive business and there’s no loyalty anymore. Players are out for what they can get and make no apologies for that. To be competitive, a stunning new customer bonus is required.

Unfortunately, Puntt doesn’t offer a promotion at the time of writing and that caught us a little by surprise. The esports betting industry doesn’t rely as heavily on welcome bonuses as the sports betting arena does, but we did expect there to be some sort of sweetener which allows customers to familiarise themselves with the site without posing too much of a risk to their own funds. We hope this is something the marketing team will address in future and when they do, we will update.

Puntt Review of How to sign up Successfully

If you’d like to register for an account and bet on esports and Puntt you’ll be encouraged to learn the process is quick, easy and can be completed at a time that suits you. Follow the below steps to register as a new player as quickly and smoothly as possible;

  • Click any link to the Puntt site on this page
  • Access the Sign-Up button located on the home screen
  • Create a username and password
  • Fill in the registration form, providing name, age, and address
  • Make a deposit
  • Find the market you want to bet on, add your stake and click to confirm

Puntt Review of Betting

When visiting the Puntt homepage you’ll realise just how easy it is to place a bet on esports. Some new to the scene may have shown an interest but were put off as they didn’t have as much experience with esports betting as sports or casino gambling. Thankfully, Puntt has made it as simple as possible due to its user-friendly site.

On the homepage, you’ll find quick links to the most popular upcoming games. This is perfect for those after an interest bet. Click the price of the selection you want to back to add it to your bet slip then input your stake and confirm the bet. You’ll be live. There is also a link to expand all betting markets, allowing you to browse through the options available on each fixture. 

Our Puntt Review has discovered that this platform promotes itself as being the first to introduce player betting to esports and, as such, their site has more markets and more ways to bet on games than the competition. If you are already interested in esports betting, you’ll find this to be a big draw.

New to esports player betting? Here’s a brief description of how it works and how players can profit from placing bets;

  • All bets on a market are held together in a pool of cash
  • Puntt take their fee for handling the transactions
  • The remainder is divided amongst members who have placed winning bets

Puntt Review on the Customer Services

The Puntt site may be a little tricky to understand to those without experience of esports betting and player betting on esports. That’s why the site has been kept as user-friendly and basic as possible. It’s also the reason why Puntt has an excellent customer service team in place to assist its members when using the site. 

If you ever have a question or query relating to the Puntt platform you can contact the customer service team at the touch of a button. On every page of the site there is a link to the Puntt help section. Here is a frequently asked questions page that helps members troubleshoot quickly. Find the question that best suits yours and click to reveal an answer. You can also message the customer services team if you’d prefer to speak to a member of staff.

Puntt Review of the Payment Options and Banking

At present, the deposit and withdrawal options are limited at Puntt but that’s expected to grow. Funds can be added to your account at the touch of a button and the money will be available to bet on markets without delay. When withdrawing cashback to your bank account, transactions are subject to the standard 3-5 working days period that is the norm in the industry. 

All transactions are currently done using a debit card. The banking is safe, protected by the latest online payment security measures and this allows you to gamble with complete peace of mind. A modern encryption service means your personal details will never be seen by another person and that includes the Puntt staff.

Give Puntt a try today by following the registration steps in our article.