Welcome to our free, in-depth, honest, and reliable review of the Starburst slot game. Our aim is to offer the best review of the game available on the internet today. That’s why we cover all important factors, including the registration process, welcome bonuses offered by leading providers, and plenty more besides.

The aim is to ensure you have all the information you need before deciding if the Starburst slot is worth playing. There are some real positives. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the welcome bonus given by top betting sites offering the Starburst slot.

Starburst Slots welcome bonus

All respected online slots and casino betting sites offer new customers a welcome bonus. This is done to help the firm stand out from the competition in what has become a crowded, unforgiving marketplace. It’s no longer enough to offer the latest slots, great promotions and a modern website. To be successful, a casino and slots site must encourage you to register by offering a competition beating new customer promo. 

As well as helping casino sites stand out against the pack, the promo offered by the marketing team also allows you to try out the service, including games and website lay-out, without posing too much of a risk to your own funds. They want to ensure you can get used to how things work without it being overly expensive.

Here’s how to register for an account at a leading online casino to secure a welcome bonus that can be used to play the Starburst slot…

  • Click any link on this page to your chosen casino site
  • Hit the Join button at the top of the homepage
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Make a deposit and qualifying bet
  • You’ll receive free spins on Starburst slot and other leading slots

Starburst slot explained

Starburst slot is one of the most popular games available in the online casino slots market today. It continues to grow with new players signing up to play every week. It’s a 5-reel slots game with a user-friendly interface and stylish design. One of the major appeals of Starburst slot is it can be played by both experienced gamblers and newbies alike. It’s that simple. Simply deposit funds, set your stake, and click to start spinning.

The objective of the Starburst slot game is to line up matching symbols across the pay line. The better the symbols and more of the same type you line up, the higher your pay out will be. There are no less than 10 pay lines, and this helps increase your chances of winning. There are wild symbols too and this is another exciting way to win.

The first thing you should do before playing Starburst slot is to adjust your stake. This option can be found at the bottom of the screen and you can decide how much every spin is going to cost. You can play for small stakes as you build your experience and understanding of Starburst slot or you can ramp up the stake to target big wins. Remember, keep your betting stakes manageable.

You should then confirm the number of pay lines you want the game to run. The more pay lines the higher your stake for each spin will be but the more chance you will have of winning. This is simple to adjust and you can choose between one and ten pay lines in the left hand corner of the screen.

The more you play the game you’ll begin to get used to the different features and bonuses attached to the Starburst slot game. Bonuses include wild and respins which both increase your chances of winning big. Depending on the outcome of each spin you could land a massive pay out when getting the best symbols and bonuses.

Starburst slot advice

When playing Starburst slot there are two pieces of advice our team believe is helpful to both new players and experienced users. Firstly, you should be strict with your stakes and how much you plan to bet on Starburst slot. Never deposit more than you want to and never play in anger or frustration. As with all types of online gambling, this is a recipe for disaster. Set aside the amount you want to stake; the total spend you have in mind and what you’d like to withdraw.

It’s also worth setting 10 pay lines as this increases your chances of winning. It may come at a greater cost, but you can limit your stakes and increase the pay lines to ensure a manageable stake for every spin. The more pay lines you opt for when choosing Starburst slot the better your chance of landing a profit or accessing the bonuses.

Starburst slot RTP

RTP is the term used for the return to player percentage. What this means is what the percentage of a player’s wagers will be returned in winnings. This is an average for all players. The Starburst slot RTP is 96.1% and that’s great, much better than you’d get with many other slots games. 

Starburst slot conclusion

The Starburst slot game is massive in the UK market and that is no fluke. Bettors love how easy it is to spin, the generous RTP percentage as well as the stylish look of the game and the bonuses available. It’s an exciting slots game and it can be played for free at many of the leading online bookmakers who offer free spins to new customers. All you must do is register for an account at a casino site of your choice and deposit funds. You’ll then receive free spins which can be used on the Starburst slot game.