Does rolling the reels give you the feels? Mobile slots sites serve up the opportunity to play slots on your mobile for real money or fun, anywhere you can get a signal.

The best mobile slots sign up bonus offers

Check out some of the best mobile slots bonus offers on the market.

Things to consider before choosing a mobile slots sign up bonus

It’s not just about the bonus. It may sound strange to say, but when choosing the best mobile slots sign up bonus there are many things to consider besides the elements that make up the bonus itself.

Once you’ve accessed the bonus you’ll be playing through it for some time so it makes sense to ensure the mobile slots site you sign up for fits your needs comfortably.

Below is a list of points you may wish to consider besides the sign up offer itself.

  • Games – Does the mobile slots site have the games you want to play?
  • Loading speeds – Do games on the site load swiftly on your mobile device?
  • Number of slots – Are there enough slots available to keep you coming back long term?
  • Jackpots – Does this mobile slots site offer Jackpot Slots and Progressive Jackpots?
  • Demo play – How widely is demo play available for trialling slots for free?
  • Game information – Is game information (paytables, for example) easy to find?
  • Existing customer offers – Will this mobile slots site continue to serve up promotions when you are no longer a new customer?
  • Customer Service – Is this mobile slots site helpful and easy to contact?
  • Physical store/casino tie-ins – Does the operator running the mobile site have physical premises as well? There may be additional offers and benefits available.

If you’d like to find out more about which slots sites shine in the above-mentioned categories and many more besides check out our guide to the best online slots sites UK 2020.

Things to consider when choosing a mobile slots sign-up bonus offer

Think mobile slots site sign up bonuses are all about deposit bonuses or free spins? You’re right, but at the same time it’s a lot more nuanced than that. Here are some things you should consider when weighing up mobile slots sign up offers:

  • Wagering requirements – Pretty much all offers come with them and they dictate how many times you have to play through your bonus before any winnings can be withdrawn.
  • Free spins conditions – Alongside wagering requirements, free spins often come with other conditions attached that it’s worth checking before committing to a mobile slots sign up offer, including the value of each spin as well as which games you can use them on.
  • Specific-use bonuses – Some mobile slots sign up bonuses are actually a group of bonuses grouped under one total amount e.g. a £50 bonus comprising £30 for general slots play and £10 each for Bingo Slots and Jackpot Slots.

Why mobile slots sites can be better than slots apps?

Mobile slots sites have two major advantages over slots apps. The more obvious of the two is that you can play them straight from your web browser.

This means none of the negatives associated with apps, including the time it takes to download them and the space they take up on your mobile.

Secondly, in almost all cases the amount of slots games operators make available to mobile slots players on mobile slots sites is normally close to the number on the desktop sites and a good deal more than on their apps.

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