What makes a classic? Classic Slots are simpler games with fewer symbols that have been around for well over a century.

This guide will detail the story of the Classic Slot and how they have evolved over the years. They go back to the first automated, cash-paying slot in 1895.

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What are Classic Slots?

Classic slots are more of a style than anything else. The term refers more to slots from an earlier era rather than games that are considered classic through popularity.

The games are simpler and more accessible. They’re a lot closer to the first slot machines of the 1890s. Here are some of the main characteristics of the classic slot.

Three Characteristics of Classic Slots

A slot doesn’t have to have all three of these characteristics to be considered a classic slot. These are just three of the most common traits in the games.

Fewer Symbols

Classic slots players can expect fewer symbols and reels. The classic slot will typically consist of three or five reels with three symbols visible on each. There is one payline across the middle of the three that connects the reels.

This is very different from more modern games. Many modern games will have five, seven, even nine reels with multiple symbols. Some games have over a dozen symbols and potentially thousands of paylines.

Classic Symbols

True classic slots symbols will forever be linked to the birth of slots in the 1890s. It’s an exclusive club and only the original symbols remain on classic slots.

Typically, classic slots feature playing cards, fruit, bells, bars and sevens as symbols. Variations exist, but those are the most common symbols.

Simpler Games

It’s often a case of just selecting your stake and pressing spin with the classic slot. They certainly appeal to the slot purists.

Classic slots are often free from the more modern influences on games. Don’t expect complicated bonus games, progressive jackpots, or any other modern innovations.

Some classic slots do have them. Games can include wilds and scatter symbols that trigger simple bonus games. Free spins and yes/no, high/low, or spinning wheel skill games are all types of bonus games that are found in classic slots.

Nostalgia and simplicity are two key reasons for the enduring popularity of classic slots. But it’s perhaps the latter where they have more to offer for players that have come of age long after the heydays of bandits and fruities.

Working out slots can be tricky for new players. Especially so given the complicated nature of the newest slots available online. Classic slots are generally less complex and ideal for learning the basics.

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