If you’ve googled your way to this article in search of mystical slots strategies that amount to a fail-safe guide on how to win online slots, you may be disappointed, but also you shouldn’t be.

Instead, we take a closer look at Telegraph Betting and how they have gone about presenting four simple strategies that will help online slot players target slots appropriate to your gaming style and preferred risk/reward ratio, increasing your chances of maintaining a winning position in the long term.

Online slots games use random number generators to ensure that each spin is a random event. The result of one spin simply has no relation to the result of the next.

That’s why our how-to-win online slots strategies focus on the knowledge and preparation that will give you a better understanding of the right slots for you.

How to win online slots Tip 1: Peruse the paytable before playing

In a nutshell: Get a deeper understanding of a slot’s potential for small and big wins

It may sound all too rudimentary, but knowing the slot you’re going to play inside out is essential if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning online slots games. The paytable is your oracle.

The paytable is usually found after an online slot has launched, often behind an ‘i’, or information icon. It contains a goldmine of information for those on a mission to find out how to win online slots.

Discussing the Symbol Value

When you’re working out how to win online slots that you’ve targeted, knowing the values of the symbols that can appear on the reels offers a deeper understanding of the wins you can expect.

Knowing the scale of different wins available and how many big versus small wins are possible is vital when judging whether the game has the potential for reward to make it worth risking your money.

Looking at the Bonus Possibilities

Reviewing the number of bonus games, how they are triggered and what wins they offer is another important tactic when it comes to how to win at online slots.

Knowing the magnitude of bonus wins on offer in these features is immensely relevant when it comes to the fine art of deciding how many spins to play and where to draw the line with staking.

How to win online slots Tip 2: Know your RTP

In a nutshell: Target machines that give a higher percentage of stake back to players

RTP is one of the most commonly used acronyms in relation to online slots games. It means ‘Return To Player’ and shows the percentage of money wagered on the game is paid back out to players.

Individual online slots’ RTP% can always be found in the game’s paytable information. A slot’s RTP% usually falls somewhere between 92% and 98%.

When it comes to how to win at online slots, targeting slots with an RTP% as high up on this scale as you can find will certainly improve your chances.

The RTP% comes with two important things to remember for online slots players:

  1. RTP% doesn’t apply to each individual game session or your play on a slot on one site. Instead, it relates the average return to all players to have played the game.
  2. Every slot’s RTP% is less than 100%. This means probability dictates that over a prolonged period of play you will be down. Deciding when to cash out is the single biggest slots skill.

How to win online slots Tip 3: Understand Volatility & Variance

In a nutshell: Small wins more often versus rarer larger wins

They may sound like complicated mathematical terms but in essence, a slot’s volatility/variance boils down to a simple scale of risk versus reward.

Low-Volatility Slots: Wins happen more often but are of lower value

High-Volatility Slots: Wins happen less often but are of greater value

To find out the volatility/variance of a slot you’re thinking of playing, a google search usually does the trick, but how does this relate to the subject of how to win online slots?

It gives the online slots player an understanding of how long it’s sensible to continue playing a particular game.

If you’re playing a low-volatility slot, relatively small wins come relatively often, but the temptation to keep playing for a long time should be avoided.

As all online slots are programmed to payout marginally less than they receive, it’s advisable to stop playing if you get some decent early wins. The smaller wins are less likely to keep your winnings ahead of your wagering the longer you play for.

When you know you are playing a high-volatility slot you are equipped with the understanding that wins are likely to be less regular. Prepare to risk more of your money in return for those rarer larger payouts.

A good understanding of online slots volatility and the way it feeds into how to win online slots leads us nicely into our final and, in many ways, most important tip.

How to win online slots Tip 4: Bankroll Management

In a nutshell: Pick a slot to suit your bankroll

There’s an argument that this tip should be number one on our list, so essential is it to improving your chances of winning on online slots. However, the three strategies all come together in this final tip so it’s important to understand them first.

Deciding how much money you want to stake in total (your bankroll) before you start playing on online slots is essential and not just because it helps you avoid staking more than you can afford to lose.

It should also guide which slots you play and how you play them in some of the following ways.

A View on Stake per Spin

Do you want a quick play on an online slot or a more lengthy session? The more you stake per spin the quicker you will play through your bankroll.

Unwrapping Low-Volatility Slots

For online slots players with a lower bankroll or those that are less comfortable with experiencing losing sessions, low-volatility slots may be less nerve-wracking.

Unwrapping High-Volatility Slots

No matter what the size of your bankroll, playing higher volatility slots comes with fewer opportunities for wins. Adjust both your per-spin staking and overall bankroll accordingly.

How to win online slots: The Conclusion

As stated at the beginning of this guide there are no magic tricks when it comes to how to win at online slots because all slots games have two things in common.

  1. Every spin is random, bearing no relation to the one that came before it or the one that follows.
  2. If you play one slot long enough probability dictates that it will eventually take more money from you than you will from the slot.

As you hopefully now know, a winning online slots strategy is all about making informed choices about which slots you play, how long you play them for and how well you stick to your pre-agreed bankroll both in terms of stake per spin and overall expenditure.

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