Canadian betting is a common and popular type of betting strategy. It’s used by punters all over the world but the complex nature can make it difficult to work out.

Fortunately, we’ve built this Canadian bet calculator, part of our selection of odds calculators which can be used for free.

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How Is a Canadian Bet Calculated?

Canadian bets represent a type of bet on 5 different selections:

  • 10 doubles
  • 10 trebles
  • 5 four-folds
  • 1 five-fold accumulator

In total, this wager consists of 26 bets. It is also known as a Super Yankee and it’s similar to the Lucky 31. The only difference is that the Lucky 31 includes all the bets as the Canadian, as well as 5 single bets.

To have a return, two or more selections must be successful.

How To Use the Canadian Bet Calculator

To use this bet calculator, you can follow these steps (to calculate the stake, return and profit while trying different combinations) :

  1. First of all, enter some of the most important bet details. Choose if it’s an each-way bet or not. Pick the odds format as well.
  2. Enter your selections and odds and then see what to expect.
  3. Rule 4 option is used to adjust winnings when a certain runner is withdrawn from a race.

Our Canadian Bet explained article provides a comprehensive guide

The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Canadian Betting?

How Does a Canadian Bet Calculator work?

Bet calculators are programs that allow you to enter your stake, and odds and calculate the payout of your bet. They are extremely useful for calculating returns in multiple bets.

How Much Does a Canadian Bet Cost?

That depends entirely on how much you want to stake. Remember, a Canadian Bet consists of 26 individual bets across 5 different Selections. Our Canadian Bet Calculator gives you the option to Stake Per Bet or to enter the Total Combined Stake. A £1 Stake Per Bet on a Canadian Bet would mean a Total Outlay of £26. A £1 Total Combined Stake would give you a Total Outlay of £1.

How is a Canadian Bet Different to a Lucky 31?

There are a lot of similarities between the two. A Canadian Bet and a Lucky 31 both involve multiple bets across 5 selections. The only difference is that a Canadian Bet does not involve single bets. A Lucky 31 has 5 single bets across the selections which is why there are 31 bets in it compared to just 26 in the Canadian Bet.

How is a Candian Bet Different to a Super Yankee Bet?

It isn’t. There is no difference between a Canadian Bet and a Super Yankee. Both involve 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold’s and 1 a five-fold accumulator across 5 selections.

On Which Sports Can I Place a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian bet is primarily used in horse racing. However, you can also apply it to a variety of different sports and markets.

Which Bookmakers Offer This Type of Bet?

You will find a Canadian bet offered by many different sports betting sites. However, not all of them will offer it for each market so be sure to do your research.