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How To Use The Calculator

Use our mobile-friendly betting calculator. Enter the details of your bet and our calculator will instantly state your winnings. The calculator is split into three main sections.

Bet Options

Bet Type – The betting calculator supports over 15 types of bets, including full cover bets, with, and without singles.

Selections – The number of teams, individuals or horses etc that you want to bet on.

Stake – The amount of money you are placing on the bet.

Odds Format – Pick from fractions, decimals or American for how you want the odds to be represented.

Each Way – If you’re betting each way, turn this on. See our guide to each way bets for more information on how these bets work.

Rule 4 – If another horse in the race withdraws, your odds, and therefore winnings will probably be adjusted.

Bet Odds

# – This is an auto-populated field that refers to the number of the selection. It cannot be adjusted.

Outcome – Specify how the selection fared. Pick from one of the following; winner, placed, dead heat, lost or void/ non-runner.

Dead Heat Outcome – If a photo is unable to determine the winner of a race, you will win a proportion of your bet. Specify the number of places and the number of selections that tied.

Odds – Enter the odds that are provided for the outcome to occur.

Place Odds – If betting each way, enter the reduction applied to the odds for selections that place.

Rule 4 – If another horse in the race withdraws, enter the reduction made to the odds.

Bet Totals

Total Stake – The sum of all bets specified in the calculator

Total Return – The sum of the money that will be returned from the bookmaker

Total Profit – The sum of profit made from the bet

If you have any feedback or suggestions as to how this calculator could be improved, please email [email protected] It is currently in beta, and winnings should be used for illustrative purposes only.

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