Clarence ‘Bones’ Adams: I thought I’d be getting a call from Amir to train him for the Brook fight…he knows i’m the f*****g best

“I thought I’d be getting a call from Amir to train him for the Brook fight. We still talk to this day, and we’re good, but it is what it is. I felt like we had a great vibe together and we did well together, we were very successful and I think that we could have beaten Brook together, dealt with him well. I don’t know how the other guys are training him but he needs to box in a certain way to prolong his career and to beat Brook.”

“Amir manages a fighter named Tal Singh right, and he sent him to me to train because he knows i’m the fuc*ing best. That’s why I don’t understand why he went to someone else for the Brook fight.”

Gameplan: Don’t be first… capitalise on Brooks’ mistakes.”

“Three words: Don’t be first. He’s fast, so his whole career he has been first, but that’s what gets him in trouble. Be patient and don’t be first.  My thinking is this: what happened throughout his career when he threw first? He makes mistakes, he gets timed because no one taught him other than that. I was trying to have him be more patient, take his time, just like he did in the Dib fight. He was more patient, he took his time, he fought perfectly. That’s why I thought I’d get the call again. Being patient wasn’t just about that particular fight, it’s about prolonging his career and his whole life. It’s the same thing with one, he needs to be patient, don’t go first and capitalise on Brooks’ mistakes.”

Cast doubt over Khan training setup: I haven’t seen Bomac around him that much, I don’t know who got him, or who these people are.

“Don’t be first, I drove it into his head, and if I were with him I know he would be patient and not let the rivalry with Brook bother him. I don’t know about these other people though, obviously I know Terence, awesome fighter.  But I don’t know about the people around him training him. I haven’t seen [lead trainer] Bomac around him that much, it’s always other people. I haven’t seen Bomac in any of the videos, I don’t know who got him, or who these people are.”

Amir is still fast and he’s got a better chin than Brook…

“Amir went rounds with Crawford and they eventually stopped it, Brook didn’t last that long. I don’t know what kind of life Brook lives, but Khan lives a very clean life and looks after himself. He’s in the gym all of the time. Amir is still fast and he’s got a better chin than Brook, look at their fights with Crawford. This happens to all fighters, the older you get you just can’t take a shot as well as you used to when you’re younger. Amir has a lot left because of the life that he leads, a clean life, other than gaining a bit of weight which we all do. It’s the life outside the ring that shows inside the ring. I know for a fact if Amir was with me he’d beat Brook, but training with other people I’m not sure what the gameplan will be, so I can’t really say for sure.”

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