What is a scatter symbol in online slots?

The scatter symbol is always a happy sight on the reels for slots players. Scatter symbols are usually beneficial in one of two ways, or both:

Unlocking bonus features – Combinations of scatter symbols on the reels are usually the key to in-game bonuses such as mini-games and free spins.

Wins without having to land on paylines – In some slots the scatter symbol can trigger a win without a bonus game.

Unlike most other symbols they can bring wins without there having to be a symbol in each position on one of the game’s paylines. Scatter symbols can also multiply other wins on the same spin depending on the rules of the slot you are playing.

Do all slots have scatter symbols?

No. Scatter symbols are extremely common on five reel slots, but not seen as often in three-reel slots. Most slots with bonus games feature them, while they’re regularly found in seven-reel slots or slots that involve progressive jackpots.

How to find out if a slot features scatter symbols

Viewing the game’s paytable is the easiest way to find out whether a slot you are interested in features scatter symbols, what they deliver in terms of wins or bonus features and the way they interact with one another and other symbols on the reels.

Almost all games will have buttons to click for game information. These are usually either found as a small ‘i’ button on the games’ graphic in the lobby of the slots site or as a sidebar when the game has launched and should contain the paytable.

Players should always familiarise themselves with the paytable before beginning to play slots for real money as it provides a complete breakdown of how the slot plays.

Try scatter slots with bonuses and free spins 

Slots featuring scatter symbols are available on all the top online slots sites and many of these sites have generous new customer offers. These usually include bonus funds or free spins in return for your first deposit on the site.

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