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How Is a Double Bet Calculated?

Amongst all the multiple bets available on betting sites, a double bet is the simplest and most straightforward multi-bet there is.

Just like the name suggests, two different picks are combined in a single bet to make up a double bet. Therefore, if you place a double bet wager, you will get an even bigger payout than placing two separate unique bets.

Our Double Bet explained article provides a comprehensive guide

All Your FAQs about Double Betting Answered

How does a bet calculator work?

A bet calculator helps you instantly calculate your returns on bets. You only need to enter your wager, and the odds on your selections and you will instantly get your returns.

On which sports can I place a Double Bet?

You can place a Double Bet on nearly every single sports betting market. This betting type is versatile and simple, so you can use it on both sporting events and non-sport markets. Some of the popular sports where you can place a double bet include football, basketball, tennis and horse racing

What bookmakers offer this type of bet?

As double bets are a very popular betting type, you will find them offered at every online sports betting site.