An Accumulator is one of the most common and best-known ways to bet. It involves linking multiple selections into a single bet for some potentially enormous wins. The odds compound and grow with each selection so it can be difficult to work everything out. Fortunately, we’ve created an Accumulator Bet Calculator, part of our selection of betting calculator pages.







How to Calculate the Winnings of an Accumulator

An accumulator consists of at least four selections. All selections need to win for a return to be achieved.

Each additional selection will multiply and compound the odds of the bet. The potential wins from an accumulator can be very exciting. It does, however, make it difficult to win. It often feels like just one selection fails to land.

See our football accumulator guide for the best places to make an accumulator bet. It reveals where to get the biggest bonuses and the best insurance.

Example of How to Use Accumulator Bet Calculator

Our Accumulator Bet Calculator is as flexible as the bet itself. You can customise so many things in your Acca bet with the help of our Accumulator Bet Calculator. Details such as the Odds Format, the number of selections, and whether the bet is each way are all customisable. Here’s how you can expand your Acca up to 20 selections with the Accumulator Bet Calculator.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Accumulator Calculator

How does an Accumulator Bet Calculator work?

After entering your stake, bet type and odds of each selection, our helpful tool will calculate how much you could win on a successful bet. Find all the elements on one of the best betting sites we selected for you.

How Many Selections do you Need for an Accumulator to Win?

An accumulator is a one-off bet across your chosen number of selections so every single one of them needs to win for the bet to win.

What are the advantages of using the Accumulator Bet Calculator?

Using an Accumulator Bet Calculator allows you to instantly and accurately work out any potential returns on the bet you are thinking about placing. This will ensure accuracy and free up extra time to finalise those accumulator bet selections.

On Which Sports Can I Place an Accumulator Bet?

Football and horse racing are the most popular sports for accumulator betting but it can apply to almost every sport.

Is There a Mobile-Friendly Accumulator Bet Calculator?

Yes, our Accumulator Bet Calculator is available on mobile. You can access it anywhere on a mobile device so there’s no need to worry about rushing to a computer.

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