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Flag Bet Calculator 2022 – How To Quickly Work Out Your Winnings

Many people find it extremely difficult to calculate the returns of the flag bet due to its any-to-come nature, which also makes it an extremely interesting bet. Because of this, we are offering a flag bet calculator, part of our selection of odds calculator pages.

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How Is A Flag Bet Calculated?

A flag bet consists of 23 separate bets from four different selections. Basically, it’s a Yankee bet with 6 up-and-down bets added to it. You can place a flag bet on almost all UK betting sites.

Let’s break it down to see all the bets that are a part of the Flag Bet offerings;

  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 four-fold
  • 6 up-and-down bets

Here’s the kicker: in order to get a return in a flag bet, you need only one of the four selections to win.

Our Flag Bet explained article provides a comprehensive guide to all things pertaining to this bet type.

The Advantage of Using A Flag Bet Calculator

Since this type of bet is made up of several smaller ones, predicting the outcome can be extremely hard. This is where the benefit of a calculator becomes apparent.

Calculating each outcome is difficult for an individual, especially when they want to get the results quickly.

A flag bet calculator makes it extremely easy because all one has to do is follow a few easy steps and get the result.

What To Consider Before Using The Flag Bet Calculator?

Before You jump in and use the flag bet calculator, it is important to know when you should use it and when you shouldn’t use it. This is outlined in the table below:

Use it when:

  • You’re a novice and need to work out your earnings in a quick and easy way
  • You need to compared different odds from different sportsbook
  • You need to see how the totals are affected by different matches

Don’t use it when:

  • You want to use if for anything other than a flag bet
  • You are taking a self-imposed break from gambling
  • When the matches you want to wager on are unknown/li>

FAQ: Most Common Questions Regarding Flagged Betting Answered

As is the norm with all things novel, as well as in general, there will always be some frequently asked questions, which tend to be a common thread throughout. No matter the topic or the event, there inevitably seems to be some clarification needed every now and then, to ensure the correct procedure is implemented throughout. Below are just a few commonly asked queries, which we have taken ourselves to task to answer.

What is a flag bet?

A flag bet consists of 23 single beds from a combination of 4 selections: Six up-and-down bets, one four-fold, four trebles and six doubles. It is similar to the calculator for the Yankee bet with the adding for the up-and-down bets. Even with a single bet, you can be able to make some winnings with the flag bet.

How does a flag bet calculator work?

A flag bet calculator is an extremely useful tool. The fact that it does all the calculations for you, means you do not have to bother yourself with working out your possible returns manually. Why not check it out for yourself? Be sure to check out our flag bet calculator above.

On which sports can I place a flag bet?

Flag bets can be placed on a number of different sports. They are most popular with punters who prefer wagering on horse races and football, for example.

Which bookmakers offer this type of bet?

Unfortunately, not all online bookies have a vast range of different system bets available. There are, however, quite a few bookies that do and these are featured in the reviews situated on our website. Please make sure to check them out.