If you are looking for a flag betting explanation, you are in luck. Our article features lots of useful info regarding this bet type, including details on how to place a flag bet. Also, you can read up on how to make the most of the flag bet calculator. So, what is a flag bet? Keep on reading to find out.

Flag Betting Explanation: What is a Flag Bet and How to Flag Bet?

If you have ever heard of a Yankee bet and what it entails, then you should know that a flag bet is pretty similar. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, don’t worry. We’ll provide a simple and understandable flag betting explanation.

A flag bet consists of several selections, just like any other bet system. This combination bet sees multiple bets on the same four selections: six up-and-down singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. That’s 23 bets in total. A Yankee bet is the same setup only without the six up-and-down singles.

All you need to know is that you need at least one winning selection to get a return. However, if you care about making a profit, you’ll probably need at least three or four correct picks. One more thing you need to know is that all your selections constituting a flag bet need to come from different events.

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How to Calculate Winnings

Work out your winnings with our Flag Bet Calculator.

Are There Any Particular Advantages to Placing Flagged Bets?

Lots of experienced punters prefer placing system bets because they know their ins and outs, and believe they can garner significant profits. However, if you are a newbie online bettor, you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. There are many advantages to placing this bet type.

One of the greatest advantages of a flag bet is that it features lots of different combinations. This means that statistically, there are many chances for this bet to win. You won’t be let down by a losing selection and may still see a profit.

Another advantage is that if you manage to get a winning flag bet, you could be on the receiving end of some substantial payouts. Here’s an example:

Let’s say we want to bet on horse racing event. We have chosen our four selections. For the sake of our example, let’s say that they are all winners. These are their assigned odds, respectively: 11/4, 5/2, 9/20, and 50/1. We want to place £1 per bet, meaning £23 in total as there are 23 bets. Should our bet come through, our total return would amount to £3,008.67. This means that our profit would be as much as £2,985.67.

As you can see, that’s pretty substantial. If we want to place £10 per bet (or £230 in total), our profit would amount to £29,856.75. Of course, it goes without saying that all our selections need to be victorious to achieve the maximum payout.

Could There Be Any Possible Risks When Placing a Flagged Bet?

Just like with all other system bets and bet types in general, the main risk is that your selection falls through. This is why it’s recommended that you do your research before placing any bets. What you should never do is choose your selections out of a whim. Another issue is placing a flag bet using an unreliable site.

Additionally, if you are sceptical about calculating your returns with this bet, make sure to read up. We delve into all the details of how to make the most of a flag bet calculator.

What Is a Flag Bet Calculator and How Do I Use It?

When it comes to system bets, calculating profits and returns can be an arduous task. This is why you can use a flag bet calculator. All you need to do is enter your stake and the odds of your four selection. The calculator does all the work for you and presents you with the amounts you can win.

FAQ: All the Most Common Questions Regarding Flagged Betting Answered

We’ll end our article featuring an easy-to-understand flag betting explanation by answering some of the most common questions about it.

What is a Flag Bet?

A flag bet is a combination bet consisting of six doubles, four trebles, one four-fold accumulator, and six up-and-down singles. You can find more details about it, a flag betting explanation, and info on how to flag bet right here in our article.

How Many Winners do you Need To Win a Flag Bet?

That depends on the odds. As there are so many bets going on across your 4 selections, you’re unlikely to make a profit unless at least 3 of them win. That said, it is possible to make a profit with 2 winning selections but the odds would need to be high for that to happen.

On Which Sports Can I Place a Flag Bet?

Flag bets can be placed on a number of different sports. But they are most popular with punters who prefer wagering on horse races and football, for example.

What is the Difference Between a Flag Bet and a Yankee?

The only difference is that a flag bet contains extra wagers. A flag bet is a Yankee bet with the addition of the six up-and-down singles.

Which Bookmakers Offer This Type of Bet?

Unfortunately, not all online bookies have lots of different system bets available. But, quite a few of those that do are featured in the reviews you can find on our website. Please make sure to check them out.