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How Is a Single Bet Calculated?

A single bet also called a straight bet is the most common bet that can be placed on an online betting site. It works with the following logic : in order to make a profit, you need to place a winning bet.

There is a subtlety if you turn the single bet into the each-way in order to reduce the risk of losing, because it means you can profit if your selections finish in a placing position.

Our Single Bet explained article provides a comprehensive guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Betting

How does a bet calculator work?

A bet calculator allows you to get an accurate estimate of your potential returns, based on your wager and the odds. You simply enter the amount you plan to wager and the odds on the market and the calculator will give you the result.

On which sports can I place a Single Bet?

As single bets are the most basic betting method, you can place them on every single sport. Moreover, many of the non-sport related markets are also a good match for single bets.

What bookmakers offer this type of bet?

Since single bets are a staple of bookmaking, you will find them in every single sportsbook. You will also generally be able to place a single bet on any betting market.