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How Is a Treble Bet Calculated?

Treble bets consist of three different selections. But be careful because all three must win to make a profit. The main advantage of such a bet is that it brings much higher winnings. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that risk is highly increased because if only one selection loses the whole bet is a losing one.

The all or nothing nature of the bet is what makes it so popular.

Here is the steps that explain how it works :

  1. You choose three different events.
  2. The first selection wins; the returns from it provide the stake for the second selection.
  3. The second selection wins; the returns are rolled over to the third selection.
  4. If the third selection wins too, your bet is successful.

Our Treble Bet explained article provides a comprehensive guide

A Treble Bet FAQ: We Answer Most Common Questions about This Bet

How does a treble bet calculator work?

A treble bet calculator is an ideal tool to help you calculate your potential returns that could come from a successful treble bet. All you need to do is enter your stake and odds of your selections as seen on the betting sites. The calculator does all the math for you and shows you your potential returns and profits.

Which sports can I place a treble bet on?

Now that you know how to treble bet, you can place a treble on a number of different sports. We should note, though, that they seem to be most common when it comes to wagering on football and horse racing. However, many punters like placing trebles on rugby or tennis, for example.

What bookmakers offer this type of bet?

All the major online bookmakers offer this bet type as it is pretty popular among punters. If you are eager to try treble betting, make sure to check whether your operator of choice has it available first.