The 1990s seem like a long time ago but how well do you remember it? Why not take a trip nostalgia trip and play our interactive ’90s footballers quiz?

Warning: it’s very difficult. We’ve played quite a few of these quizzes and we always found them too easy. This is probably the hardest ’90s footballers quiz. So much so that you might even need to group together with a few friends. Most people struggle to name more than 5 of the 50.

90s footballers - 2022

Share it with your friends and see who can get the highest score.

To get the answer correct, you will need both the first and second name of the player. If you’re struggling with a particular player, or if the name is on the tip of your tongue, then hit the ‘hint’ button, and the first name will be revealed. If you’re marginally out on the spelling, then the game will tell you just how close you are.

The player will turn green if you get it correct.

If even the hint isn’t enough and you’re completely stuck, then you can find a full list of the answers here.