A detailed Round Robin betting explanation is what you can find if you continue reading this page. You’ve probably heard of this type of bet, or even tried it. However, since it’s pretty complicated, it won’t hurt to go through it and try to simplify it. Let’s see how to place a Round Robin bet and how Round Robin bet calculators can help you create your bet.

Round Robin Betting Explanation: What is Round Robin Betting?

The simplest Round Robin betting explanation would be that it’s a type of bet which consists of three different selections and 10 bets, including 3 doubles, 1 treble and 3 up and down SSA Pairs. If any of these selections lose, the returns could drastically change.

Even though the Round Robin betting explanation might seem pretty complicated at first sight, keep in mind that it’s actually an easy way of combining several accas at once. Round Robin has some advantages over accumulators as well as some other types of bet. Therefore, the next paragraph of our article is dedicated to them.

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How to Calculate Winnings

Work out your winnings with our Round Robin Bet Calculator.

What Are the Advantages of Placing a Round Robin Bet?

The Round Robin betting explanation wouldn’t be complete without comparing this type of bet to some other, pretty frequent wagers. First of all, compared to an accumulator, a round robin bet could seem a safer option. Even if one of your selection loses, with a round-robin bet, you still have a chance of winning some money, which is not the case with some other betting structures.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of the Round Robin bet is that you can place it on any sport you can wager. Round robins are usually placed for NFL, but they can be used on any sport you want.

A round robin bet involves a lot of action at once but care must be taken. It’s a complicated bet and it isn’t for everyone. This next section will detail some of the risks of this type of bet.

What Are the Potential Risks of Making a Round Robin Bet?

When thinking about how to Round Robin bet, we can’t forget about all the potential risks. Compared to accumulators, the risk is actually decreased since it’s spread out over several matches. However, the biggest downside is that bettors often finish choosing too many selections in their bet combinations and that’s how they put more risk on their shoulders.

Round Robin Bet Calculator Explained: Why to Use It and How?

After reading our Round Robin betting explanation, and if you decide to try out this type of wager, keep in mind that you can save time by using a Round Robin bet calculator. This incredible tool can help you calculate the stake, return and profit for your Round Robins.

At the same time, the calculator allows you to see all the situational results based on different outcomes. That’s how you can easily calculate the maximum amount you can win or lose. There’s no doubt that bet calculators, in general, have facilitated the everyday life of bettors. Just within a few seconds, you can see what to expect from your bet and work out your potential returns automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions about Round Robin Betting

For a full Round Robin betting explanation, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions one might come across when asking how to Round Robin bet.

What is a Round Robin Bet?

A Round Robin bet involves 10 different bets from three different selections. Only one of the three selections is enough to get a return, which is the main advantage of this type of bet. The Round Robin bet combines 3 doubles and 1 treble with 3 up and down SSA pairs. For each pair of bets, the original stake is just rolled on to the next wager.

What is the Difference Between a Round Robin Bet and a Parlay?

Round Robin bets are a series of parlays. The difference between the two is that every selection in a parlay or accumulator must win for the bet to win. Robin Robin bets can still return profit even if one selection loses.

On Which Sports Can I Place a Round Robin Bet?

As we have said before, Round Robins can be placed on pretty much any sport. It’s very popular in American sports such as College Football and the NFL as well as MLB and NBA. But the format can be applied to any sport that has three or more matches going on.

What is the Difference Between a Round Robin Bet and a Trixie?

A Round Robin bet essentially consists of a trixie bet and three extra up and down SSA pairs. The addition of the pairs makes it a round robin.

Which Bookmakers Offer this Type of Bet?

A lot of online sports betting operators offer this type of bet. However, before you decide to choose one of them and place a bet, keep in mind to check if the bookmaker offers good odds on round robin betting. Then compare the odds offered by other industry-leaders to secure the best value.