When it comes to being able to understand what a Super Yankee bet is, we have taken the time to break down the key elements and pivotal aspects for you. It is as simple as reading through our article presented here, from start to finish, to be able to receive the low down of what the Super Yankee bets entails, how it rolls out and why you would want to look into it.


    Super Yankee Explained

    • Super Yankee is a form of multiple bet, most popular on horse racing
    • It is also sometimes known as a Canadian bet
    • It consists of 26 bets on five selections
    • We explain fully how they work with this concise guide

    When you place a  Super Yankee bet, you are placing 26 bets on five different selections. A £1 win-only Yankee bet would, therefore, cost £26.

    A Super Yankee bet contains no single bets. At least two selections of the five must-win for any return to be achieved on the bet.

    The four bets consist of

    • Ten doubles
    • Ten trebles
    • Five four-folds accumulators
    • One five-fold accumulator

    How to Calculate Winnings

    Work out your winnings with our Super Yankee Bet Calculator.

    How Many Selections Need to Win for Super Yankee to Be Profitable?

    The amount won from a Super Yankee will vary greatly depending on the number of winning selections, and the pricing of each one. It is unlikely that a positive return on the stake would be achieved if just two selections won.

    Example – you bet £1 on a Super Yankee at a total stake of £26. Each horse is priced at 2.00.

    • 0 selection wins£0 return with a profit of -£26
    • 1 selection wins – £0 return with a profit of -£26
    • 2 selection wins £20 return with a profit of -£22
    • 3 selection wins –  £20 return with a profit of -£6
    • 4 selection wins –  £72 return with a profit of £46
    • 5 selection wins£232 return with a profit of £206

    In the real world, each horse will not be priced 2.00. The example does show that generally, three winning selections make it likely to break even. Four and five selections will be likely to generate a profit.

    Why Make a Super Yankee Bet

    A Super Yankee bet is a more exciting way to bet on a multiple that increases the chance of a return. An accumulator is lost if one selection doesn’t win. If you’re more confident the majority of your selections will win, then a Super Yankee bet will increase your chances of a positive return on your stake.

    The disadvantage of a Super Yankee bet is that it does require a higher stake. With 26 bets instead of one, the stake will be much higher. You need to consider the increased chance of winning is worth the higher stake.

    Is It Possible to Do an Each Way Super Yankee Bet?


    An each-way Super Yankee bet consists of 52 bets. 26 bets are as described above, and 26 additional bets are for the selections to place.

    We have another article which explains how each way bets work in more detail.

    What Is the Difference Between a Super Yankee and a Lucky31 Bet?

    Lucky 31 bets also feature five selections, but there is a key difference.

    A Super Yankee has 26 bets. Whereas a Lucky 31 bet has 31 bets.

    >A Lucky 31 features all of the bets in a Super Yankee. There are an extra five single selections too.

    Super Yankee Bet Summary

    A Super Yankee Bet consists of 26 bets over five different selections. It has ten doubles, ten trebles, four five-fold accumulators and one five-fold accumulator. Although it has a higher stake than a traditional accumulator, it does make a return more likely.

    Overall, it is always imperative to check out the various betting types that any operator will have available to you,. and once you have determined that the betting type on offer is there for you to utilise, then go for it. However, be sure to know that the wagering requirements for each betting type is what you are willing to enter into, as well as any other unique and specific Terms and Conditions which may be presented by the operator for that specific betting type.

    Whether you opt for a Super Yankee bet or something else, you should always know what you are betting for, against and towards.