The Trixie bet is a well-known and popular betting structure. It’s a simple betting pattern that consists of three doubles and one treble on four selections. Betting structures like this can be difficult and time-consuming to work out.

To make things easier, we’ve created the tool below which is part of our betting calculator collection.

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How Is a Trixie Bet Calculated?

Enter the details of your Trixie bet, and our calculator will instantly tell you how much your winnings will be. There is an option to make it each way. You can place a Trixie bet on any of our selected sports betting sites.

To calculate the winnings of a Trixie bet, one must calculate the outcome of four bets on three selections. A Trixie bet consists of the following

  • 3 doubles
  • 1 treble

Example of how the Trixie Bet Calculator Works

A Trixie Bet consists of 4 bets across 3 selections: 3 doubles and one treble. It’s a good way of increasing the potential profits of a smaller sample size of events or matches. Here’s an example of how a Trixie Bet calculator works in practice:

  • Match 1: Arsenal to beat Everton (odds of 2/1)
  • Match 2: Tottenham to beat Leicester (odds of 6/4)
  • Match 3: Manchester City to beat Crystal Palace (odds of 1/3)

If you place a £10 stake on each of the four bets and all three win, you’ll win a total of £248.33 with £208.33 of it as profit. But a Trixie Bet means you can still win profits if one of your selections loses. If Crystal Palace beat Manchester City then you’ll still earn a total return of £75 and £35 profit from your Trixie.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Trixie Calculator

How does a Trixie Calculator Work?

Our Trixie Bet Calculator is a betting tool that rapidly calculates the potential payout of your bet. When you use our bet calculator, you can change different variables and instantly see how your returns change.

What are the Advantages of Using the Trixie Calculator?

There are many advantages to using our Trixie Calculator :

  • Saves Time: The Trixie Calculator will save you a great deal of time without the need to work out the potential winnings of your bet. You can use that extra time to focus on making the right selections.
  • Easy & Convenient: The Trixie Calculator is incredibly easy to use and simplifies the whole process.
  • Mobile-Friendly: You don’t have to worry about running to a computer for this. Our Trixie Calculator is mobile-friendly so you can make the calculations on any device.

On which Sports can I Place a Trixie Bet?

Trixie bets are a popular way to bet on many sports, including horse racing. It’s available in many other sports including football.